Wrap Aftercare

So Your Vehicle Is Wrapped Now…

You feel as though you have a brand new car, truck or SUV. You can’t help but smile every time you look at it. It looks SO GOOD! But how do you keep it looking this good for the years to come?


Just like with a  painted surface, cleanliness is key to preserving the finish of your vehicle wrap. But don’t worry, the washing process is no complicated. We prefer the old-fashioned method of mild dish soap like Dawn, water, a soft sponge and some elbow grease. Avoid automatic car washes, as they can damage the finish, cause the edges of the wrap or graphics to peel and ultimately cause you to need new vinyl. Even the “touch-less” automatic car washes can damage your vehicle wrap or graphics. The extremely high pressured sprayers alone can do damage to your wrap, graphics or stripes.

Additionally, if you opted for a satin or matte finish, you could end up with unwanted splotches or a greasy residue as a result of wax being applied during the wash.

Protect your investment! Whether your vehicle is wrapped for business use or you wanted to change the color of your custom car or add graphics/ stripes, it is important to take care of your vinyl. Here at Creative Wraps & Graphics, LLC, we are so confident in the quality of our work that we provide a 2 year warranty on workmanship. But all warranties are voided if you use an automatic car wash.


Vinyl is sensitive to cold/heat, UV exposure and surface contaminants . Manufacturers like 3M, Avery Dennison, Orafol, and others have come a long way in terms of extending the life of their films, there are many things you can do to help extend the life of your wrap even more.  Here are some top tips when you are putting your vehicle in Park.

  • Do not park under trees to avoid sap, bird droppings, falling limbs, etc…
  • If possible, avoid parking for prolonged periods of time in direct sunlight ( I know, we said don’t park under trees!)
  • If you do have to park in direct sunlight regularly, alternate the direction your vehicle faces when you park everyday. If you park facing North on Monday, park facing South on Tuesday, and continue this pattern. This will ensure that over time your wrap fades evenly.


There are a few additional options that you can take to further protect your vehicle wrap. We now offer them as add-on services to our customers at Creative Wraps & Graphics, LLC.

  • Vehicle Wrap Maintenance program. For $450/yr, we will clean and inspect your vehicle wrap every 6 months and address any potential problems to ensure your wrap looks and fits as good as the day you drove away.
  • Ceramic Coatings can be applied over the surface of your wrapped vehicle to create a hydrophobic barrier and provide more protection from UV rays. Give us a call for your quote on Ceramic Coating services.
  • Paint Protection Film (PPF)…Hold on, what? That’s right, for the ultimate protection of your newly wrapped vehicle, PPF can be installed over your wrap. PPF is a self-healing layer of durable material that will spare your vehicle from rock chips and pitting from road dust and debris. This can be applied to your factory paint as well as over a fresh vehicle wrap install. PPF can even come in a matte finish to create a one of a kind color/finish combination.
  • If you have a gloss finish you can apply a coat of synthetic wax just as you would on your paint, just make sure to avoid seams and edges.

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